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Wicca Potion Recipes

Before drinking this lovely concoction complete the process by toasting to your health the health of those you love and the good health of the planet Earth. Your potion is now prepared it is very tasty adds charm and helps you look irresistible when you go out in the evening.

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Ginger Tea Potion Posted in.

Wicca potion recipes. Witches Brews Magic Potions Elixirs and Tinctures. Some of the potions below need to be used in conjunction with spells. An infusion is essentially a teaits when you steep something usually herbs and plants in liquids.

Blend it into a yummy potion and pour it into a glass. You can use water as the base of your infusion or you can use other liquidswine juice or even oil. Caffeine for alertness and rejuvenation.

In Magic Wiccan Potions. Some people will tell you to never make an infusion in a. We share a portion of potion recipes that offer protection health and love.

Amy Alward There are all sorts of techniques up. In enamel saucepans cook one orange crust do not forget to wash it. Filter the water and continue by adding sugar and cinnamon.

Prepare a fresh carrot juice. Focus Pocus Iced Lemonade Magickal Potion A Kitchen Witch Spell READ Aardvark Self Storage Rockhampton Angel Bath Astral Flight Magic Potion Recipe 1pg Wicca Book Of. The tea potion is then ready.

As you sip it slowly think of all the blessings in your life like those who love you and who you love. Salem Witchs Love Potion Posted in. Aphrodisiac of Passion Posted in.

Angel Bath Astral Flight Magic Potion Recipe 1pg Wicca Book Of High Awareness Personal Power Bath Recipe Potion For Wicca Spell Healing Potion Magic Spell Meditation W Honey Ginger Tea. Take the orange crust with a spoon of honey then pour the juice and add vanilla. Theres no mistaking what kind of potion I need.

Cook the ginger root for 30 minutes.

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