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Bacardi Wolfberry Recipes

As a sign of this commitment and creativity the Bacardi team created 40 different formulations before determining its latest flavored rums BACARDI Wolfberry and BACARDI Black Razz. Place blueberries sugar and water in a medium sized sauce pan over low heat until sugar is dissolved stirring often about 5 mins.

Bacardi Wolfberry Mojito Frontier Mixology

New Bacardi Wolf Berry Blueberry And Wolfberry Black Fresh Blueberry Mojito Recipe For Two Food Above Gold Blueberry Mojitos 12 15 Blueberries Plus A Few More For.

Bacardi wolfberry recipes. Bacardi lime lemon lemonade ice lemon. Summer Tail Recipe The Blueberry Rum Smash Kitchn. Single Glass1 ½ oz Bacardi Wolfberry rum ½ oz READ MORE.

Ingredients are fermented then distilled aged filtered and blended. A Note from Our Founder. Bacardi Limon Braised Wings DariusCookstv.

Transport yourself to the crystalline seas salty breezes and sun-soaked shores of. Bacardis Black Razz flavor is a combination of raspberry flavored rum. Secure the lid and shake vigorously for 30.

What is white rum. BACARDI WOLF BERRY Mountain Mojito 2 parts BACARDI WOLF BERRY Flavored Rum 10 mint leaves Blueberries muddled 12 a lime 12 part simple syrup Top with ginger ales. Wolf Berry is infused with natural blueberry and wolf berry also known as Goji berry.

White rum is usually a light-bodied variant with a soft sweet taste. Purple People Eater Bacardi Wolf Berry Rum Fill With Minute Maid. These flavor combinations of blueberry and exotic wolfberry for BACARDI Wolfberry and raspberry and Mexican black sapote for BACARDI Black Razz have never before been infused with rum and bring a fresh new and.

It is one of 15 flavored rums they make in Puerto Rico. Beer. Bacardi Wolfberry Mojito Frontier Mixology.

Behind the Bar Bar Talk. Take off heat and stir in lemon juice. Its often used in light refreshing cocktails especially favorites like the Mojito and Daiquiri.

It really brings out the flavor in just about anything though without tasting like alcohol burning or giving off terrible side-affects. Into a cocktail shaker add 12 cup of ice grenadine Bacardi Rum Punch pineapple juice orange juice and Angostura bitters. The Wolf Berry flavor is a mixture of blueberry and wolfberry otherwise known as goji berry and has a sweet and tangy taste.

My favorite way to use this is in a bowl of sliced strawberries with a few tablespoons of granulated white sugar and about four-five tablespoons of this. New Bacardi Wolf Berry Blueberry And Wolfberry Black. Lime slices lime juice maple syrup bacardi crushed ice watermelon.

This weeks blog is a note of gratitude for each and every one of you. Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum Lemon Juice Martini and Rossi Prosecco Monin Lychee Syrup Pineapple Juice Bacardi Dragon Berry Spicy Lime Cocktail Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum Ginger Beer Lime. Cook until blueberries soften and begin to break apart about 15-20 mins.

Garlic powder achiote powder bacardi chicken wings dried oregano and 3 more. Raise heat to mediumhigh and continue stirring often. In keeping with the tradition we started at Halloween here is the recipe for Blanberry Christmas Punch.

Bacardi Wolf Berry rum was introduced June 2012 with their Black Razz flavored rum. The Goji Berry is native to China and is considered a super food because of its high nutritional properties. The Business of the Bar.

Simply add a splash of BACARDÍ Coconut flavored rum to enjoy this tropical twist on the Classic BACARDÍ Mojito. New bacardi wolf berry blueberry and bacardi wolf berry rum bacardi wolfberry mojito frontier summer tail recipe the blueberry. Bacardi Confetti Punch Dave the Bartender.

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