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Firefly Liquor Recipes

I used the skinny version of this flavored vodka the tea-infused essence really gives the filling an extra punch and compliments the spices nicely. Combine ¾ cup sugar flour and salt in a double boiler.

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Add the vodka and grapefruit juice and stir well.

Firefly liquor recipes. Top with blackberry skewer for. Half fill a highball glass with ice. Pour mixture into lemon halves and refrigerate.

Firefly Cocktail using sweet tea vodka Spiked with a little sweet tea vodka this Firefly Cocktail is the perfect summer cocktail for those hot summer nights. Firefly Original Sweet Tea Vodka with 15 oz. Prep Time 5 mins.

Serve up in a martini glass. Add the zest to Firefly Moonshine White Lightning Let stand Scott Jim let it stand for 1 month Heat 4 cups of water and just over 2 cups of sugar with a mint sprig with leaves until the sugar dissolves. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Ginger Ale Firefly Honey-Lemon Tea Hot Drink Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Honey Lemon Juice Firefly Hot Apple Hot Drink Apple Cider Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Firefly Island Tea Cocktail Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Soda Sweet and Sour Mix Firefly Screw Fly Cocktail Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Orange Juice Firefly Southern Fly Cocktail Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Spring Water Firefly Spiked Palmer Cocktail Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Firefly Super Fly.

Multiply recipe for the ultimate punch bowl for a spooky celebration. Treat yourself to a Firefly then simply sit sip and smile. Add milk and cook until thickened around 20 minutes.

Happy Firefly Friday with the Firefly Peachtini. Firefly Pink Lemonade blends handcrafted straight vodka with the taste of fresh-squeezed lemonade with a splash of ruby red grapefruit. Stir again or allow the grenadine to float up from the bottom.

This is an excellent drink to make by the pitcher. 1 part Firefly Vodka 1 part water lemon to taste. Sweet Tea Lemonade Jell-O Shots 10 Lemons halved and hollowed 1 box of Lemon Jell-O 12 cup Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka 12 cup cold water Empty gelatin packet into a large mixing bowl and add boiling water.

Beat egg yolks until thick. Add vodka and cold water. I must say it tasted pretty much like grandmas sweet tea but this next drink takes Firefly to the next level.

Cool down the sugar water and strain the zest and added sugar water to lemon White Lightning. In the original Firefly post I used the recipe on the back of the bottle. Add Firefly vodka and peach schnapps.

Mix in a tall glass with ice. When youre ready to serve pour it over ice in tall glasses and add the grenadine. 1 part Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka 12 part Firefly Peach Moonshine 2 parts orange juice Add a small splash of grenadine Shake in a martini shaker with ice.

Place coconut flakes in a large pan over medium heat and toast until golden brown around 7 minutes. Our delicious drinks are expertly crafted from still water fruit juice and blended with botanical extracts giving the perfect combination of flavour refreshment and elegance. You may want to play with flavored vodkas in the firefly.

I also have been experimenting in the kitchen with one of my favorite spirits Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka in different ways and I must admit it is exceptional in this recipe. Lemonade and a splash of blackberry liquor. Our delicious drinks are expertly crafted from still water fruit juice and blended with botanical extracts giving the perfect combination of flavour refreshment and elegance.

Garnish with mint and blackberry skewer I show how to make this. Garnish with a grapefruit wedge. Simply mix up the vodka and grapefruit juice increasing them in proportion to the number of servings you need.

Garnish with a maraschino cherry and lime wedge. Sit Down and Savour. Add ice and top with soda water.

Drink Recipes made with the Ingredients Above Yucca True Alabama Slammer Bullfrog The Party Mix Donkey Punch Jamaican Rum Punch Trashcan Punch Foreplay on the Neutral Ground Hairy Buffalo Bacardi Orgasm Brain Fart Southern Doctor Hawaiian Punch Flaming Blow Job Ethiopian Punch Lynchburg Lemonade After Party Guinness Punch Down Home Punch Whoop Juice False Whiskey. Whisk together 2 minutes or until gelatin is fully dissolved. This mouthwatering recipe is as simple as it is beautiful with its vibrant purple hue.

Gradually stir ¼ of the hot mixture into yolks before adding them back to the pot. The Firefly Spiked Arnold Palmer This first drink is probably the easiest. Pour contents of shaker into tallhighball glass.

Add ice to mixing glass or pour contents into separate tin and shake. Garnish with a lemon twist.

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