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Spirulina Recipes

No one does that. White chocolate nut milk coconut water coffee.

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Spirulina recipes. High in iron and B vitamins its sold powdered and can be easily blended into dishes like smoothies soups and snacks to give them a nutritional boost. So we dont recommend taking spirulina at bedtime. A type of blue-green algae spirulina is a popular health food with a variety of nutritional benefits.

Mermaid cuisine is everywhere. Ad Search Faster Better Smarter Here. Apple pineapple or papaya works the best.

You can increase the amount of Spirulina to suit your taste and your personal health program. Spirulina essentially a type of algae rich in protein vitamins and minerals. I said to hell with it and mixed Blue Majik with coconut oil salt chia seeds flax seeds and some honey.

Spirulina Powder Recipes Green Peppermint CBD Freezer Fudge Young and Raw vanilla Tahini hemp oil hemp seeds bee pollen maca maple syrup and 8 more Superfood Banana Bread Vegan Gluten-Free One Green Planet. Begin with a teaspoonful of Spirulina mixed with fruit juice in a blender or with an electric mixer. Perhaps the easiest recipe to add spirulina powder to are breakfast smoothies or shakes its best to take spirulina in the morning or an early lunch as over time you are likely to notice a considerable boost in energy levels.

Spirulina with Fruit Juice. There are mermaid toast recipes cakes and cafesBut if Pinterest data is correct and it is we havent reached peak mermaid quite yetEnthusiasts are taking the trend to a totally new level by eating something real-life mermaids would actually chow down on.

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