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Patron Drink Recipes

Patrón Perfectionists will challenge mixologists to submit a cocktail recipe online that reflects their journey to find perfection behind the bar. You can make a wide variety of tequila cocktails with Patrón Tequila such as a class.

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Add liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker along with 1 cracked sugar snap pea and 1 sprig of mint.

Patron drink recipes. Entries need to use up to eight ingredients from. Learn more about Patrón Tequila drink recipes to enjoy your favorite tequila cocktails. Dark crème de cacao liqueur.

Easy peasy and ready in just a few minutes. Patron Silver Drink Recipes Tameka Pellon August 21 2017 Patron pineapple tail fruity tequila drink recipes patrón paloma tail recipe tequila drinks tequila sunrise easy mixed. 1 56 fl oz.

Use a fine strainer to strain into glass. STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass. Patrón Citrónge spring and summer cocktails.

The classic recipe is 3 parts tequila 2 parts triple sec and 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice and you should probably start off pretty close to that but my personal favorite proportions are 4-3-2. Fill cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Find Patrón Tequila cocktail recipes for your favorite drinks.

This blended beverage mixes strawberries and pineapple for a summertime delight. How Patron Tequila is Made All of Patróns tequilas are distilled from 100 percent Weber blue agave in the highlands of Jalisco. To garnish the drink add a pineapple chunk a lime wheel and a maraschino cherry and you are set.

Black Tears cacao coffee spiced rum. Fill the glass with pineapple juice add a splash of fresh lime and give it all a good stir. Tabasco gives a kick to this spicy drink.

Just fill a glass with ice and add your two Patron alcohols. Explore ingredients and tequila flavors for any occasion. Explore a variety of drinks made with tequila for any occasion.

Simple classy and blue-green in color this ones a very fun drink at parties. The agave piñas are harvested at around eight years of growth and sent to the nearby Hacienda Patrón distillery to begin the process of making tequila. In a cocktail shaker with ice combine an ounce and a half of silver tequila an ounce and a half of orange juice half an ounce of XO Café Incendio and half an ounce of agave syrup.

When you start with Patrón Tequila any cocktail can be Simply Perfect. And to give these recipes a try. Patrón Mango Margarita 125 oz Patron silver ½ oz Patron Citronge Mango Liqueur 1 ½ oz mango puree 125 oz Fresh lime juice In a cocktail shaker add Patron silver tequila Patron Citronge Mango Liqueur mango pure.

Mastering the margarita requires a certain amount of practice but once you dial-in your perfect ratio its a really easy cocktail to replicate. With a steamy summer on the horizon refreshing cocktails that incorporate the taste of fresh oranges could be the perfect way to. The kits include a bottle of Patrón Silver Tequila 700ml a 350ml bottle of triple sec six fresh limes a bottle of agave syrup a bottle of Diffords Margarita bitters an easy jigger and two.

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