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Guaro Drink Recipes

09 standard drinks Alcohol by volume ABV. Estos crean una bebida más rica que los tipo de limones verdes y pequeños.

Guaro Sour The Traditional Costa Rican Drink Costa Rican Food Sour Cocktail Food

It is a traditional drink that is believed to be a medicine for a number of ailments.

Guaro drink recipes. 1-12 oz Cacique Guaro. But its a bit dangerous because its quite smooth and the Costa Rican drinks also often contain refresco or fruit juice which can mask it even more. In the bottom of a rocks glass add half a lime cut into wedges and muddle with the sugar.

Star fruit and lime wedge. Leave it all in the glass and add ice cubes. The Cacique Guaro is a sugar cane liquor of high purity and is the best selling distilled spirit in Costa Rica.

Cacique guaro may seem tame because its only 30 alcohol. Muddle all the ingredients until the juice is extracted and the rinds are bruised. Combine the ingredients in a rocks or old fashion glass and muddle until the limes have been fully juiced.

Fill remainder of glass with ice and garnish with a sugar cane stick optional. Leave everything in the glass and add ice cubes. Put guaro sugar and lime wedges in a small glass.

12 oz mixed fruit juice such as Dos Pinos brand Top Sprite. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lime wedge and serve. Pour all the ingredients.

2 teaspoons raw sugar. 369 oz Alcohol units. Show more recipes made with Rum.

Into a mason jar add Cacique Guaro and grenadine. Fill the glass with cracked ice and pour in the guaro topping up with a little club soda to taste and stir. Top with a splash of club soda.

15-20 limones mandarina Busque los más grandes que se ven sospechosamente como naranjas. Stir and garnish with star fruit and lime wedge. Add dalt to the rim of a highball glass.

It is made both commercially and at home with up to forty ingredients so recipes vary but this Garifuna liquor often includes chamomile anise all-spice cloves garlic and guaro that is fermented in sunshine for up to eight days. 1 lime cut into thin wedges. 1 botella de Guaro Cacique Aunque es un poco más costosa recomendamos la versión de botella negra ya que contiene los sabores más delicados.

But this may not be the best way to try guaro the first time. Recipe courtesy RipJack. You can also drink it straight by sipping it from a shot glass.

2 ounces guaro Cacique is the most well-known brand 2 ounces simple syrup OR. Fill glass with ice and add juices and Sprite. Top it off with a splash of club soda.

Put guaro sugar and lime wedges in a rocks glass. 12 oz orange juice. Prepare in a shaker Glass.

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