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Grilled Goose Recipes

Over 90 of the meat in a Goose is the brea. Grill 2 12 to 3 hours or until tender and temperature measured internally reaches 180 degrees F.

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Close the lid and adjust the vents or burners to bring the cooking temperature down to 350 F.

Grilled goose recipes. Set the goose on the grill with the breast side up. One-half gallon of water one-half cup of salt one-third cup brown sugar two tablespoons of onion powder two tablespoons of garlic powder one tablespoon of mustard. Grill the goose over high heat to medium-rare.

Open the lid of your grill and snap the spit into the rotisserie motor. Place in a glass dish or ziplock plastic bag and pour beer over. Mix together your brine ingredients.

Grill on barbecue over mediumlow to medium heat or broil in oven until just slightly pink inside. Score meat and rub seasonings into breasts on both sides. Goose breast is marinated then smoked over a charcoal grill.

Be sure to leave the vent open on your grill. A cooler grill means a longer cook which is critical to give the fat beneath the skin enough time to render out of the bird. Place an empty foil pan under the grate on the cool side of the grill ie.

Grill the goose on the side away from the coals lid closed for 2 to 3 hours around 18 to 20 minutes per pound. Cover the grill and cook the breasts for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove the goose to a cutting board and let stand 2 to 4 minutes.

This pan is what will catch the rendered fat as it drips from the bird. To crisp goose increase grill temperature to High for last 15 to 30 minutes. Use tongs to flip them over after theyre halfway cooked.

If you dont have a smoker regular grilling with propane or charcoal still tastes great. Place a deep roasting pan under the goose to catch the fat as it drips. Place the goose breasts on the grill and cook them for 8 to 10 minutes.

The side without the coals. Call in the Geese. An environmental problem solved when you cook up some wild Canadian Geese breast on the grill.

Place a few hardwood chips or pellets on the coals if you wish for a smoky flavor. Marinade for about 1 hour in refrigerator. Arrange the bacon-wrapped breasts on the grill so theres at least 1 inch 25 cm of space between them.

Slice the goose across the grain into 14- to 12-inch slices. Replenish the coals every 45 minutes or so. Let the goose slowly cook for about 2-3 hours.

Mesquite chips can be used in place of the hickory if you prefer. OR broil on high cooking approximately 8 minutes on one side and 7 minutes on the other until done.


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