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Colombian Dessert Recipes

As the name suggests this Colombian dessert is a soft sponge cake thats been soaked in three different types of milks. Photograph 2012 by My Colombian Recipes Dulce de brevas.

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Torta de tres leches translates to cake with three milks.

Colombian dessert recipes. Youll often find desserts arent offered at the end of a meal in a popular restaurant or if they are its. Bizcochuelo is a simple cake made with flour sugar and eggs and has a light spongy texture. Made by slowly heating sweetened milk arequipe is perhaps the most famous Colombian dessert on this list and is often the accompaniment of other desserts.

A Colombian version of rice pudding Arroz con Leche is easily one of Colombias tastiest and most enjoyable desserts. You can find this classic dessert anywhere in Colombia. See recipe.

From big brands to your local favourites order the Dessert food you love on Deliveroo. This a traditional Colombian based meringue dessert. Torta de Tres Leches.

Sometimes this cake is served plain with coffee or its filled with fresh fruit jams but its typically used as a base for other traditional Colombian desserts such a Torta de Pastores and Torta de Coco. However in modern restaurants you can also find them in other flavors like banana and coffee banana and lime strawberry and chocolate etc. Cream condensed and evaporated milk.

Ad Your favourite Dessert restaurants available on Deliveroo. From big brands to your local favourites order the Dessert food you love on Deliveroo. The classic Merengón is filled with whipped cream and guanabana a popular Colombian fruit.

It consists of cooked white rice soaked for several hours in milk that is later brought to a boil with condensed milk sugar and cinnamon. Banana and Chocolate Crisp Colombian Holiday Dessert. Honestly Colombian desserts arent the highlight of the countrys culinary offer.

Colombian desserts dont get better than arequipaSimilar to dulce de leche in Argentina and manjar in Chile this thick caramel spread is popular all over Latin America. Colombian Pound Cake. Papas chorreadas is a Colombian specialty of boiled red potatoes with cheese sauce while frijoles Colombianos Colombian red beans combines red beans with tomatoes green onion and crispy bacon.

Polvorosas Colombian Butter and Sugar Cookies Obleas Colombian Wafers Colombian Merengue Pavlova Arroz Con Leche Rice Pudding Cocadas Blancas Colombian-Style Coconut Candy Arequipe Dulce de Leche Colombian Salpicu00f3n Fruit Drink Guava Cream Cheese Mini Hand Pie. Ad Your favourite Dessert restaurants available on Deliveroo. Arroz con leche Colombian style-rice pudding is a very traditional Colombian dessert likened to rice pudding.

Easy to prepare and found throughout the country its especially good served with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Arequipe is the most popular Colombian desserts. Torta Negra Colombiana Colombian Black.

Afterwards the mixture is. Dulce de brevas is basically cuajada con melao because in addition to the figs and sweet syrup same as melao but without the touch of lime this dish very often comes with a healthy portion of cheese because it wouldnt be complete or Colombian without it. There are other variations of this dessert as well that are filled with various fresh fruits such as strawberries peaches and Colombian blackberries mora.

This interesting dessert is made from plantains and chocolate chips and is a popular choice for a holiday dinner.

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